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Erik Morvan

The character, training and experience of Erik Morvan has turned him into a person with two visions: one architectural vision that aims to meet his clients’ needs and another which looks for evolutions in trends and future needs, prioritising the putting into practice of urgent decisions now for a better future. Erik Morvan’s last publication came out, in a PC format, in May 2018, a book named “REMÈDES AU VIRUS URBAIN: URBAN VIRUS CURES”. Its vision, both pragmatic and creative, allows him to give a global solution to future challenges. An approach which has always allowed him to avoid more conventional circles and increase his ability for observation.  His “organic” architecture concept is a good example of this.

As far as Fab-Lab design, Erik Morvan has worked in the creation of products related to the following main companies:


  • Polyrey

  • Taraflex

  • Sommer

  • Lualdi (Italie)

  • Wilhermi (Allemagne)

  • Sofadi Entre autres...

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